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About Almonds

Our almonds are 100% natural and organic with nothing added or taken away. However, Enjoy as a healthy snack or use in baking for added texture and nutrition.

In other words, Organic means that they have been grown naturally and haven’t had any chemicals involved to enhance growth.

Ways to enjoy almonds

  • Enjoy as a healthy snack
  • Can Use to make almond butter
  • Use in baking to make things like delicious veg cheesecake
  • Add to homemade healthy granola recipes
  • Try making your own energy balls such as these date & fig rolls

Above all, the Benefits of almonds

  • High in protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Versatile
  • Nutritious snack
  • Contains essential healthy fats
  • Rich in vitamin E and magnesium

almonds can be bought in a range of sizes including large bulk sizes ideal for wholesale purchases. after that, we ship to most of the Mumbai and throughout India with a friendly customer services team on hand for any questions you may have. try vandan dry fruits and feel the change in taste.

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