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Cumin Powder / Jeera Powder-Premium Quality -100% Natural


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Jeera Cumin Powder

Jeera Cumin powder used almost by every Indian and most Middle Eastern dishes. It contains, An essential for your spice cupboard – the building block of every curry dish. Marinate meat, fish, and vegetables. Similarly, It can be Fry with coriander and turmeric for the Indian flavoring the curries.


Cumin Powder

  • Cumin or Jeera is used in Indian cooking as regular cooking of curry powder and the Indian spice mixture garam masala. However, Cumin is also a regular in Mexican cuisine, it flavors some cheeses and is sometimes used in baking. Add cumin seeds to the dishes whole or grind them to a powder.
  • Above all, Cumin helps in the digestion of food.  
  • Cumin seeds or powder are a very healthy source of the ingredient.
  • Cumin supplements have promoted weight loss in multiple studies. After that, Not all studies have shown this benefit and higher doses may be required for weight loss.

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