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Kashmiri Mukhwas




Kashmiri Mukhwas

This is a Premium Traditional Mouth Freshener comprised of Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds, Amaranth Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, High-Quality Dry Dates, and Spice Extract.

Kashmiri Mukhwas will leave you satiated and refreshed completely. It can be consumed at any time during the day; especially after meals to aid in digestion. The product is made using 100% Natural Food Colors.

Shelf life is 1-year Ingredients: Fennel Seeds, Confectionery (Ingredients: Sugar, Fennel Seeds, Amaranth Seeds), Tamarind Seeds, Dry Dates, Crystal Fruit, Coriander Pulse & Musk Melon Seeds.

CONTAINS NATURAL & NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURS.,Chandan Mukhwas took birth in 1965.

A small venture started from founder Kantilal Shah’s home in Mumbai, it spilled over to various localities.

It soon became a popular name across many Indian cities and beyond for its healthy and delicious mukhwas (breath fresheners and digestives) made entirely with natural ingredients and colors

Most of the customer of My Recipes world buy this product Dried Black Currants

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